Happiness Is Achievable

Health and Wellness Professionals, and people in the midst of life transitions: Are You in Your Sweet Spot or Are You Still Struggling to Find It?

Whether we like it or not, everything that goes on around us in our fast-changing world impacts us and affects our lives, sometimes in major ways and other times in ways that may not be so obvious but are nonetheless deep reaching.

Happiness in Rehab

For just over two weeks I have been in hospital and then rehabilitation, having had a hip replacement to give relief from the pain and stiffness of the arthritis that had been slowly infiltrating my system for the past three years plus. This has provided me an opportunity to reflect on the delicate balance between health and happiness – at least as it applies to myself in this moment. We are all different and what works for one will not necessarily be another’s solution.

It's Your Choice

A lot of the people I know, including myself, seem to be doing it tough these days, one way or another. Business is quiet for some, others have unwelcome health issues, others feel trapped in a life they can see no way of changing: the list goes on.

Having committed to ‘Inviting Happiness’ as a lifestyle choice, I sometimes find myself wondering whether I am being totally unrealistic.

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